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Upcoming Events:


September 6, 2018 | Ruedi Reservoir

About: Join Co-Founders Jess Ewart & Jayne Gottlieb along with co-hosts, Emily Longfellow and Red Sugar for a late summer cocktail cruise at Ruedi Reservoir. We will meet in old town Basalt at 5:15pm to facilitate carpooling up to the Ruedi boat ramp. We will board 2 ski/surf boats with 10 people aboard each craft at 6pm and cruise the lake while enjoying music, networking and cocktails. Our captains will also take us to Pirate's Cove to enjoy the beach. We will head back to the dock around 8:30pm. Both boats are equipped with built-in heaters and blankets if the evening turns cool. All drinks are provided and each boat is stocked with life jackets and other safety features. Space is limited to just 15 attendees so RSVP soon to save your spot. This is a great way to celebrate the last days of Summer with like-minded friends in a festive and gorgeous environment. This special event costs $150 per person.

RSVP TO 9/6/18


August 23, 2018 | Aspen Shakti

About: Guided by Jessie Chaney, this workshop includes meditation, intention-setting, visualization, journaling and aromatherapy coupled with a creative activity such as watercoloring, painting, taking photographs and writing. We all have an artist within us, and when we can get out of our minds and tap into that inner creative being, we can truly manifest from that subconscious place. This evening event will pinpoint what's holding you back from your dream life, and teach you how to use specific spiritual and creative tools to make your dream a reality. Jessie believes that in gathering together as a community we can help uplift and support one another's visions even more powerfully than when done alone.  Scroll down for FAQ.

RSVP TO 8/23/18

Events are limited to 30 people. RSVP and pre-payment online please.


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The REAL art of the deal - fair, effective and fast ways to strike an agreement and execute it.


Entrepreneurs often have imminent needs that outpace their budget. Learn which apps can streamline your most pressing needs when you're not in a position to hire or outsource.


Not all business plans are created equal. Depending on the purpose and audience, you can save a lot of time (and characters) by focusing on the essentials.






Social media as a necessary evil, how to use modern technology to grow your business without wrecking your life.


Small business owners can usually do anything within their company, but how do you avoid doing everything while maintaining growth?


We spend the majority of our efforts deep within the process of achieving a goal rather than at the finish line. Yet, our culture tends to value results over process. How to shift your perspective and choose the means that add purpose to your work while releasing attachment to the ends.


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– FAQ on Mastermind Session: Whiteboard + Wine

1. What is a whiteboard? 

Whiteboard sessions are a common practice in the start-up world. There are lots of different formats you can use based on the desired outcome such as writing a mission/vision, doing a market analysis for a new product, strategizing a launch or honing your new brand. Essentially a whiteboard session is an impactful way to visually organize your ideas so that the solution to your current challenge materializes before your eyes. It is also effective for receiving input from multiple contributors to suss out the underlying themes that will solve a problem or help reach a consensus among collaborators. This is not a panel discussion, lecture, workshop or presentation (although those can all be useful and inspiring). This is an interactive event in which you are invited to be an active participant.

2. How does this evening flow?

This monthly gathering will always begin with intentional networking. Jayne and I are there to act as hosts and to hold the structure but the event is guided by those who are present. We will be sure to facilitate plenty of introductions as you never know where or when you will meet your next important connection, collaborator or even partner. After about 20 minutes of cocktail party style conversation, we will gather to begin our whiteboard session. You can choose to share your challenges or serve as a contributor to helping others. There will never be lack of material to discuss. We will all benefit from the creative process, even if it is not our specific project that is being discussed. Some evenings we will touch on multiple projects and at some events we may decide to go in-depth on one challenge. This is a collective effort that is guided by the people in the room.

3. I have an idea for a new business/product and I would like help but I’m not sure I’m ready to share. Do attendees sign an NDA (non-disclosure agreement)?

We hear you and we have all been there! As serial entrepreneurs who have launched many different businesses over the years, we understand the concern that if you share your big idea, someone might simply try to steal it before you get it launched. However, in our experience, most people are carrying their own unique dreams for a project and have neither the interest nor energy to co-opt your idea and use it themselves. As this group is selectively curated, we imagine that you will find sharing your ideas will result in mutually beneficial collaboration. You may end up meeting a new business partner or even an investor. You are always welcome to share only as much as is comfortable for you or to attend a few times before asking for help with your challenge. As you get to know the group and develop these relationships, your trust in the process will grow over time.